FGS Facilities Group is a family owned and operated business spanning two generations. What started in 1993 as one man and a pick-up truck, grew over

the years to the full service janitorial, landscaping and facility services firm we

are today. We pride ourselves on treating our employees as family. Our very first employee 28 years ago, is still with FGS today.  

FGS has been providing property owners and facilities managers in the entire

State of California with efficient and current methods of cleaning and facility maintenance. FGS started as a janitorial company and over the years through purchases and

acquisition's, began offering commercial landscaping in

2001, as well as, Facility Solutions starting in 2009. 

Over the years we have built long-standing

relationships with many leading companies

in all fields and markets. Our services are

used in biotech, educational, governmental,

and corporate campuses, as well as, multi-

tenant facilities, green technology firms,

food service  and industrial facilities. 

 We ensure your facilities interior, and exterior 

are presentable, clean, and well organized.

We plan for a long and prosperous future,

with our new expansion to Austin, Texas

in 2020, and with a future nationwide

expansion in the coming years. FGS

has the infrastructure, technology, and

staff to service our customers where every

they may be, Whether your facility

needs 1 or 100 janitors, we are here for you! 

Call us at 510.203.4955 and put FGS to work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Question: I just signed up to receive janitorial services with FGS. Now What? 

   Answer: Now we get started on bringing you the best janitorial service you have ever experienced. Within your first week of receiving service from FGS we provide a few staple services at little or no cost to the client. We perform jobs such as: high traffic carpet shampoo, stripping and waxing of all hard tile floors, cleaning of all interior windows, and an analysis of how to save you money on paper and consumer goods such as trash liners, hand soap and toilet paper. 

2) Question: How often can I get my facility cleaned and serviced? 

Answer: FGS services facilities of all sizes 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your service days depend on your needs. If you need your facility serviced once a week, or once every day, FGS can create a compatible cleaning schedule with your needs in mind. 

3) Question: Do I need to purchase my consumer goods such as toilet paper and hand towels from FGS? 

​Answer: It is not necessary to purchase these items from FGS. If you already have an account or plan in place to purchase these items on a regular schedule, FGS will use whatever products you prefer to fill your dispensers. FGS is able to give you a product list of all the items we can provide. You may even learn that our base pricing for consumer goods is much cheaper than your current pricing. FGS has obtained great deals from purchasing consumer goods in bulk. And we pass that savings onto our customers. 

4)  Question: What is full service janitorial services, and how can I benefit from using FGS? 

     Answer: A full service janitorial firm is a company who can perform more than just office cleaning. FGS offers carpet shampoos, floor stripping and waxing, restocking of consumer products, interior and exterior window cleaning, pressure washing, high dusting, and much more. When you use FGS you don't need to obtain multiple quotes from multiple vendors for such services. Since FGS is already cleaning your facility in janitorial means, we can assist with all other facilities services at a fair market rate to you. 

5) Question: How are FGS contracts structured? 

     Answer: Most FGS contracts and agreements are structured to have you receiving services for at least one year. When a one year contract is signed it allows us to create job security for our staff. If you are not able to sign a one year agreement we can create a different plan for you. If you only need a one time service, then a yearly contract is not generated, you will only get a service agreement. 

6) Question: My headquarters are in California, Can FGS service my out of state facilities as well?

Answer: FGS has the experience and structure in place to service your facilities out of state. If you want a national contract for your facilities so you only have to use one vendor, FGS is capable of creating that for you. FGS has experience, the foundation, and the supervision to service customers outside of California. We have serviced customers in multiple states throughout our 27 years in the janitorial industry. We don't use subcontractors in other states, we use our own staff. FGS will grow with you in California and anywhere in the United States.