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Fighting the hidden Enemy

Do you need a quick turn around in Covid-19 Sanitation?

Did someone just test positive in your office?  

Please call 510.203.4955 and hit option "3" and someone will answer you.

We will get your office back and running in record time. 

After doing extensive research and using the tools from the CDC, local governments, our facility partners and facility experts, our FGS admin team has created solutions for the modern office post Covid-19.

Below are ways we are doing our part for our customers. 

  • Changing gloves every half hour.
  • Half hour disinfections of common touched surfaces.
  • ​Taking FGS employee Temperatures Daily.
  • Cleaning with Hospital Grade Disinfectants.
  • Performing disinfection fogging.
  • Installing hand sanitizer stations in common areas and janitor closets.
  • Performing white suit cleaning.
  • Face Masks used by FGS Staff. 
  • No cross contamination of equipment. 
  • Color coded system for equipment such as rags and mops.
  • Employee Separation. 

Below are five ways you can better help your employees when they return to work. 

1) Separated Work Stations: Separate all work stations by six feet. FGS can help with moving and assembling. What if your facility does not have the capacity to separate all work stations? Solution number two is for you. 

2) Create a new office layout: Cubicle assembly and reconfiguration might be needed. FGS is here to help create your perfect work stations and work environment. 

3) Automated Dispensers: Automated soap and hand sanitizer dispensers will be needed in all common areas and bathrooms. Make sure there is enough paper towels to dry and wash hands. Place a trash bin next to the restroom door so employees can open the door with a paper towel. 

4) Limit meetings to one or two persons: When you limit meetings to a small amount of people, you have a less chance of infecting multiples at a time. if possible, move meetings to video conferencing when ever possible from separate locations. 

5) Have an open door policy: This might go against the rules of staying sheltered in place, but having an open door policy creates a safe environment for employees to address cleanliness concerns and allow them to place an input on there own health and wellbeing. 

Is your facility currently open and creating questions of cleanliness in your mind? What are some questions you should be asking yourself?

  • How often are the door handles sanitized?
  • Is there cross contamination in cleaning kitchens and bathrooms?
  • Is my janitorial company checking their employees and scanning them for fever? 
  • Does my janitorial company have a program in place if their employee gets sick? 
  • Is the same rag that’s used on the bathroom sink used to clean the coffee pots?  
  • Is my janitor following the procedures I put in place to keep my employees safe? 
  • Does your current janitorial vendor even have the capability to provide you with an outbreak action plan in the even that you do have a sick or at-risk employee?

Let’s get answers and solutions to these questions. Contact us today.  Let’s make clean happen.