Labs, Clean Rooms, Hospitals and Vivarium’s all require a different set a cleaning standards. FGS has those standards and will exceed your expectations. Our cleaning techs are trained to maintain your critical environment and an ability to assist you in meeting your sanitation goals.

Critical Care Cleaning

Our Expertise Extend In: 

Have a service request you don't see? Give us a call at 510.203.4955 and talk to one of our critical care specialist. We can assist you in maintaining your critical care environment.

  • Clean Rooms Class 100 – 100,000
  • EMS Manufacturing
  • Data Centers
  • ESD Facilities
  • ISO 5-8
  • Wet Labs
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • BSL 1-4
  • Vivarium’s with primate or animal holdings.
  • Modular or Stationary Clean Rooms

FGS only uses cleaning agents designed to work in critical cleaning environments. FGS uses a manufacturer to client method in chemical delivery. There is no third party delivery system before the agents arrive to your facility. This keeps all agents properly stored a properly documented. 

Our Staff is trained and certified quarterly in cleaning methods, safety training and modifications in the Clean Room and Bio Technology industry.

FGS believes that documentation in key in sanitation. We document each and every service and submit the documents back to you after service is completed. Our internal documents can assist you with future customer Audits and transitions. We can service weekly, biweekly, or monthly, depending on your needs. We provide all equipment and chemical agents. No cross contamination is ever involved during cleaning. Once cleaning items enter the clean room storage space, they do not leave the clean room until they have accomplished their service life.

All cleaning material and equipment is sanitized and decontaminated before and after use.

FGS is here to keep your environment clean, sanitized and well maintained. With FGS servicing your critical environment, you'll never have to worry.