What is CleanTelligent? 

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  1. Building Value is one way we are revolutionizing the janitorial industry.
  2. Our employees and management team value the work we do, the service we provide, and the customers we serve.
  3. We offer value before service.
  4. We Value YOU, our customers.


  1. Our internal quality control software known as F.A.S. (Facility Assistance Support) helps track work orders, and work requests.
  2. We are always conducting in house audits and surveys to learn how to better serve you.
  3. We aim to create a better work environment for you and your customers.
  4. We ensure that each facility is left better than when we arrived.

Facilities 365 is our internal operating program that we at FGS teach and train all our staff in. . We got feed back from all our facility partners and vendors on how they would want an internal facilities training program to operate and Facilities 365 was born! Everyone from admins to janitorial staff is trained in Facilities 356. Facilities 365 runs on four main principals: Communication, Quality, Service and Value. How do these four work together? 

How does FGS operate our internally? We use Facilities 365​TM and CleanTelligent! 


  1. All customers are frequently visited by a member of our admin team.
  2. Quality Control Forms (QCF) are recorded weekly to track progress of employees.
  3. Evening supervisors visit once per night to check on the janitorial staff.
  4. We provide custom facility training to our employees.

 Facilities 365 AND CLEAN-TELLIGENT 

  1. Direct Communication to you from our management team.
  2. Open communications between you and our employees.
  3. A quality control supervisor available to you 24/7.
  4. A facility supervisor always in contact to learn how to better assist you. 


CleanTelligent is a web-based software solution that is accessible from any computer desktop or mobile device with an internet connection.

Using any desktop or mobile device CleanTelligent does the following:

  •  Our cleaning supervisors can directly input, start, and close the work orders their team is responsible for.
  •  Allow our customers to submit online work orders through a customer web based portal
  •  Your Inspectors can use the mobile app to create and submit reports in real-time.
  •  Our Custodial managers can schedule and confirm recurring cleaning tasks.
  •  Your Building patrons can send real-time cleaning status updates of your facility by scanning a QR code.

CleanTelligent software analyzes and summarizes your custodial team’s performance in our ready-to-use dashboards. 

Using CleanTelligent allows FGS to Streamline Communication, Build Customer Trust, and Increase Visibility on your janitorial and facility services staff.