Have a service request you don't see? Give us a call at 510.203.4955 and talk to one of our green care specialist. We can create the best landscape plan for you and your facility. 

Commercial Landscape Services

Mon-Fri: Open 24 Hours PT
Sat: Open 24 Hours PT
Sun: Open 24 Hours PT

After hours emergencies:
510.203.4955 x 2

 The green care experts at FGS have the ability to help you maintain and keep a clean grounds and a groomed lawn at all times. FGS can install annuals, a water saving irrigation system, and regular maintenance of your office park, retain center, or common outdoor area. Enjoy a beautiful view with FGS maintaining your landscapes. 

Who Uses FGS?

  • Landscape Design and Maintenance
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Maintenance
  • Gutter cleaning and pathway opening
  • Mulching
  • Seeding and Sodding
  • Fertilization and Weed Control
  • Masonry
  • Driveways and Paving
  • Turf care and maintenance
  • Irrigation maintenance and planning
  • Water feature and open fountain maintenance and cleaning
  • Tree trimming and shaping

Property Managers and Owners: Our goal is to create and maintain and aesthetically pleasing exterior that enhances curb appeal for current and prospective tenants. 

Industrial Parks: We can help you in keeping your park clean, safe and beautiful at all times. Loading docks can often build with trash and rubbish. We keep industrial parks looking clean and well maintained.  

Retail and Public Spaces: Customers often choose where to shop depending on the exterior of the stores. With FGS we can extend our hand in keeping your exterior space well maintained, clean and good looking. 

Parking Lots: Your parking lot or structure is a welcome mat to your customer, employees and contractors. Trust FGS to maintain it, keep it well cleaned from trash, debris and unwanted rodent and pest. 

HOA / Apartments: FGS provides home owners with the most effective and comprehensive landscape plan in the industry. Our goal is to save you money without cutting on services. FGS can provide daily, weekly or monthly service to your complex, suites, or apartments. 

  • Model home maintenance
  • Sport Court Maintenance (tennis, golf, bocce, ect.)
  • Annual flower design, installation and maintenance
  • Water conservation management
  • Parking lot painting and ADA compliance painting.